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Superintendent/Project Manager
Daily Work:
  • Day-to-day contact with the on-site superintendent, supporting the job and making the on-site workforce accountable.

  • Monitoring production of crews

  • Making life for the non-English worker easier and more productive

  • Daily Log documenting of the happenings of all jobs under authority

Weekly Reviews:
  • Review and follow-up on all designs and details of a job, making sure all work is correct and correctly communicated

  • Review weekly production and make workers accountable for their time

  • Review Material and make workers accountable for all material

  • Review the job for future or potential problems and address them before they happen. Putting us on the right side of the issue legally.

  • Review budgets

  • Review Time Cards

  • Review Expenses

  • Make job site visits once a week

Friday Collections:
  • Daily logs

  • Photo logs

  • Quality control

We're looking for candidates with at least 10 years’ experience in running large-scale stucco projects. Pay will range from $22-$27 an hour based on experience (around $50,000 salaried), with truck and fuel paid for by the company.


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Skilled Stucco Laborers

Simpson Plastering has an immediate need for skilled stucco laborers for large-scale construction jobs in North and South Carolina. We’re looking for good journeymen willing to show-up on time and work hard. Pay will range from $13-$20 an hour based on skills and language abilities.


If you’re interested in applying, please call us at 205-994-2801.

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