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An extraordinarily versatile building material, Stucco can be applied horizontally, vertically or curved. Made with a durable mixture of building paper, lath and a cement/sand mix, it can withstand traffic, and abuse, as well as any exterior material made. It can also be factory-blended and warrantied, when supplied by a manufacturer.


Simpson’s professionals, some second-generation company employees, offer unmatched Stucco experience and expertise. We understand how to adjust formulations to make manufacturers’ factory specifications work in real-world challenges.


Our active participation in several trade associations, coupled with our ongoing training program, make us acknowledged thought-leaders in consistently delivering successful solutions to our clients’ needs. At the same time, we’re one of the few subcontractors industry-wide who place full-time superintendents on job sites — ensuring that most problems are solved before they ever occur, and that jobs stay consistently on schedule.



At Simpson, plaster is more than a specialty. It’s a passion, and an art.


Many of our craftsmen first learned their trade from earlier generations, and they’ve left their indelible marks on some our state’s most spectacular buildings — including the capitol, and the University of Alabama’s Morgan Hall.


Our traditional plastering skills encompass Venetian plaster, faux finishes and white coat plaster — as well as a host of specialty acoustical and high-end finishes. All of which is why we’ve been selected to manage projects ranking among the most complex in the country. If you expect perfection, and nothing less, no one in plaster comes closer.


Sprayed Fireproofing

Fireproofing was originally a plasterer’s trade. However, advanced technologies have moved the material of choice to Spray Applied — which can be cement or fiber based. Both materials have extensive UL testing, ensuring that your buildings offer occupants the safest conditions possible.


Simpson’s exceptional experience in fireproofing-installation planning and design ensures optimal results with minimum disruption to other contractors. Our knowledgeable crews specialize in projects under 5000 bags (175,000 square feet), and excel at quick jobs in small, challenging circumstances.


We offer clients a variety of different grades, depending on the aesthetics of your environments. Simpson is licensed to spray all Cafco and Grace Construction products, and most Carboline products.



EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System) is an economical alternative to traditional stucco that offers additional benefits, like improved insulation, at a lighter weight. It can also be used to create a broad range of architectural details and shapes. EIFS consists of a series of layers made up of a basecoat of cement, One Pound density-expanded Polystyrene, a fiberglass mesh of differing weights, and a finish coat such as acrylic — or other similar color coats.


WIth our experienced craftsmen, and our rigorous in-house training program, Simpson is recognized by every major manufacturer as one of the country’s leading EIFS applicators. We’ve successfully installed millions of square feet across the Southeast, and as far away as Ohio and New Jersey. In short, we understand how to make every building look exceptional, down to the finest details.



In 2011, Simpson hired one of the industry’s genuine thought-leaders to serve our clients’ waterproofing needs.


Our approach to waterproofing projects (rare in our industry) is to make exclusive use of a single manufacturer’s components — ensuring that the finished product functions as one compatible system.


That’s just one reason our division is recognized as an industry leader by most major waterproofing manufacturers. And with our experienced, conscientious crews, you can count on Simpson to deliver dependable solutions quickly and successfully.


Today, we provide design and installation of the following systems and services:

Air & Vapor Barriers

Damp Proofing

Below-Grade Waterproofing

Traffic Coating

Joint Sealants

Expansion Joint Assemblies

Concrete Repair

Sheet Membrane

Fluid Applied

Cementitious, Crystalline or Bentonite



No exterior envelope option offers greater production-quality control, while minimizing disruption to normal business foot traffic, than Simpson Panel’s lightweight system.


We’ve manufactured and installed hundreds of remodels, many for national clients ranging from fast food franchisees (KFC / Taco Bell, KFC / Long John Silver and KFC / A&W, as well as stand-alone Taco Bells) to convenience stores and big box retailers.


Our ultra-durable panels (which withstand winds of up to 260 mph) can be customized to match virtually any surface, from stone to stainless steel. No scaffolding is required. Average install time is typically half (or less) what traditional-material systems take. And damaged panels can be easily replaced in minutes. What’s more, we can install our panels in virtually any kind of weather — including sub-zero temperatures.


Simpson’s panels are manufactured in our own controlled-environment facility. When your panels arrive on site, 100% of the finish has been run — keeping your building, parking lot and landscaping free of trash. We perform all demo and build-up to your specifications, and attach the paneling system directly to your building. We’ll even re-hang your signage and awning package as part of our installation.


Again, your locations never need to close during installation — and we’ll work in your drive-thru area whenever that business is typically at its slowest. If your profitability is directly tied to foot traffic, no exterior-envelope solution can lower your overall long-term costs like Simpson’s paneling.

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