Stucco is one of the most versatile building materials made. It has the ability to be horizontal, vertical, or curved. Stucco is durable and can withstand traffic and abuse as well as any material on the market. Stucco is made up of building paper, lath, and a cement/ sand mix. It can also be factory blended and include a warranty by using a manufacturer. Stucco is durable and good in any situation.

Simpson employees have more experience than any group around. Our training program and knowledge from previous generation of plasterers make us unique as a company. Our superintendents are the best in the industry at seeing problems before they happen. They are also great at keeping jobs on schedule. Our Project managers have years of experience and can see any application through to a successful end. Simpson is one the most respected exterior skin applicators in the business.



Plaster is our specialty. We have a history and fondness for plastering theaters and houses. Our craftsmen have worked on many of Alabama’s most spectacular buildings. The Morgan Hall at the University of Alabama and the state capitol are both jobs that typify the quality and craftsmanship our plasterers possess. Venetian plaster, faux finishes, and white coat plaster, as well as a host of specialty acoustical and high end finishes are all completed at the highest skill level.

Simpson possesses traditional plastering skills that set us apart from everyone else. We have run some of the most complex projects in the country. Our skilled employees are as much artists as they are workers. The skills that many of our workers possess have been passed down to them from previous generations that worked in the industry.  Our success in plastering is built on our employees and their long standing reputation of excellence.



Spray applied fireproofing is sprayed onto steel to insulate it from the heat of a fire. This can save lives by providing enough time for people to safely exit a building. Spray applied fireproofing can be cement based or fiber based. Both materials have UL testing to ensure safety.

Simpson specializes in jobs under 5000 bags (175,000 square feet). Our knowledgeable crews can handle any size job, but we excel at quick jobs in small and tough installations. Originally, fireproofing was a plasterer’s trade and the material was plaster, but Simpson has watched the material change from plaster to the spray applied material used today. Experience has no substitute, and that has made Simpson a respected fireproofing installer. Simpson is licensed to spray all Cafco products, all Grace Construction products, and most Carboline products. 



Exterior Insulation Finish System is a traditional stucco alternative that offers additional benefits like insulation value at a lighter weight. It offers a wide array of architectural details and shapes that can be made both economically and lightweight. EIFS consist of a series of layers made up of a basecoat of cement, one pound density expanded polystyrene, a fiberglass mesh of differing weights, and a finish coat of acrylic or other similar color coat.

Simpson is recognized by every major manufacturer as one of the best applicators in the country. Simpson has installed millions of square feet of EIFS and understands how to make your building look exceptional while making your details correct in every way. We carry EIFS insurance and have an in-house training program to teach all our technicians how to properly install the EIFS system. Our work can be seen all over the southeast, as well as New Jersey and Ohio.


Waterproofing is the application process of preparing and installing different material systems that work together to form a water impervious surface. As a leader in the waterproofing industry, Simpson Plastering provides installation of the following systems: Air & Vapor Barriers, Damp Proofing, Below-grade Waterproofing, Traffic Coding, Joint Sealants, Expansion Joint Assemblies, Concrete Repair, Install sheet membrane, fluid applied, cementitious, crystalline or bentonite waterproofing systems.

Simpson Plastering’s approach to waterproofing is a total use of one manufacturer’s components to provide a complete package ensuring the finished product functions as one compatible system; where our competitors often use multiple manufacturers to create a system of less quality. Our waterproofing division is recognized by major industry manufacturers for consistent work creating an established reputation that has been developed over the years. Simpson Plastering has a history of doing reputable work, and due to our vast amount of experience in this industry, we can look at the issue at hand and generate a knowledgeable solution.

During this application process our certified employees will show the expertise you need to get the job done quickly, successfully, and permanently.



The Simpson Panel System exists to save businesses down-time and money while performing an exterior remodel. We have manufactured and installed KFC’s Series 6000, Y04, Vision, and 3.0 packages for more than 260 franchisees including many multi brands such as KFC/ Taco Bell, KFC/ Long John Silver, KFC/ A&W, and straight Taco Bell’s. With the knowledge we have gained over the years, we know that we will save you time, money, and stress.

The time frame for installing our our panel system at your location is approximately 1 week. We spend the first 2-3 weeks of manufacturing in our controlled environment facility, not at your location. When we arrive on site, we use aerial lifts, not scaffolding (which tends to hide the building causing customers to drive on past) to install our system. 100% of the finish has been run, keeping the job site, parking lot, and landscaping free of trash. We perform all demo and build-up as required by your specifications and attach our panel system directly to the building. We can also hang the sign and awning package supplied by the customer. The location does not need to be closed at any time during our installation. We work in the drive-thru area during early morning hours keeping your sales at their normal levels.

If you are interested in a high quality re-imaging of your building without closing your doors, our panel system is that solution.


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