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Birmingham, Alabama

In 2020, Simpson completed a stucco and waterproofing project for Park 35 luxury apartments. Our team installed a traditional three-coat stucco system with decorative EPS shapes and acrylic finish.


While the system installed is traditional, our design team produced highly-detailed EPS shapes — providing depth while adding unique architectural features to the building. The system consisted of two layers of commercial building wrap, break metal at all horizontal terminations, expanded metal lath with PVC components, and a manufactured pre-blinded silo-fed stucco system with a standard acrylic finish.


The EPS architectural shapes were drawn and cut in-house with our CNC hotwire machine. In addition to the stucco scope, Simpson also installed exterior joint sealants, air barrier and building expansion joints — as well as waterproofing and pavers for the plaza deck.


This project involved application of approximately 50,000 square feet of stucco and a large number of architectural EPS shapes, using multiple forms of scaffold. Despite its complexity, we finished the job in only four months — well ahead of schedule.


While many people contributed to the project’s success, we’re particularly grateful to Simpson Superintendent Lance Chambers for his outstanding work in bringing it to completion. This was a project on which we truly enjoyed being part of the construction team!

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